Town Board

Supervisor – Tyler James Allport585-589-4592 ext.14
Ron Mannella
Rick Ebbs
James Kirby585-737-6587
Kenneth Rush

Zoning Board of Appeals

Christine Sartwell, Chairman585-589-4592 ext.
Joyce Riley, Vice Chair585-589-4592 ext. 21
David Thom585-589-4592 ext. 21
Gerard Morrisey585-589-4592 ext. 21
James Navarra585-589-4592 ext. 21

Planning Board

Christopher Watt, Chairman585-589-4592
Douglas Bower, Vice Chairman
585-589-4592 ext.21
Justin Kirby585-589-4592 ext.21
Craig Lane585-589-4592 ext.21
Gerald Monagan585-589-4592 ext.21
Janet Cheverie585-589-4592 ext. 10
Charles Prentice, Jr.585-589-4592 ext. 15

Court Clerk

Maureen Kline585-589-4592 ext. 11
Mark Radzinski585-589-5833

Attorney for the Town

Douglas Heath, Esq.585-638-6331


Orleans County Real Property and Tax Services585-589-5400
Jeffrey Gifaldi585-589-4592 ext.17

Water Billing Clerk

585-589-4592 ext.21

Town Historian

Adrienne Kirby585-483-0771